Cloud Service Run Your Home From Car

Run Your Home From Car

by : Rozaliyana

John Brian

credit flicker : John Brian

The opportunity in telematics technology has been growth up rapidly along with the internet connection. It isn’t a dream anymore to controll your home from far away even if you are at another contry as long as you are connected to internet you still can monitor your home.

In June 2014 Toyota and Panasonic announced that they are working together build new telematics system cloud-based service. This systems allow you to control your home from car, to monitor and operate home appliance. As we know Panasonic is one of giant company that produce home appliance such as television, washing machine, air conditioning, lamp and so on. So with this cooperating between Toyota and Panasonic allow that the home appliance from Panasonic can be controlled from car.


Toyota and Panasonic co-develop was a year ago . For next innovation is about telematics services that link cars to home appliance. Groundwork has been laid for the development of application that can be linked to a car’s GPS.

This is system was presentated at “Smart Community Japan 2014” exhibition in Tokyo.

As part of its ongoing efforts to make mobility smarter, more convenient and more comfortable, and as a way to increase the value cars add to lives, Toyota will leverage its cloud-based Toyota Smart Centre, which links people, cars, and homes,” Panasonic said.

For example of this system implementation you can turn off the air conditioning before leaving home and enable then to turn it on remotely before returning.Turn off your television when you forget to turn it off.


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